Corporate Governance

Bumitama Agri Limited (the "Company" or "Bumitama") and its subsidiaries (the "Group") recognises the importance of, and is committed to observing and attaining high standards of corporate governance set out in the Code of Corporate Governance 2018 (the "Code") in keeping with the Group's cultural pillar of morality, capability and integrity. The Board constantly reviews the Company's corporate governance practices and seeks to align its practices with the development and changes in the Code. The Company has complied substantially with the principles and guidelines set out in the Code, where they are applicable, relevant and practicable.

Bumitama shares the Company's main corporate governance practices in our latest Corporate Governance Report.

The Board of Directors of Bumitama is the highest decision-making body of the company. The member of our Board and their involvement in various committees  is currently as follows:


Name Board Audit Committee Remuneration Committee Nominating Committee Conflicts Resolution Committee
Lim Gunawan Hariyanto Executive Chairman - - - -
Lim Christina Hariyanto Executive Director - - - -
Dato' Lee Yeow Chor Non-Executive Director - - - -
Tan Boon Hoo Lead Independent Director Chairman Chairman Member Chairman
Lee Lap Wah George Independent Director Member Member Chairman Member
Lim Hung Siang Independent Director Member Member Member Member


Code of Ethical Conduct and Integrity

As a company listed on the Singapore Exchange - ranked as one of the world’s least corrupt economies, the Group has implemented the Code of Ethical Conduct and Integrity, which outline our corporate values and ethical standards, aligned to the Group’s vision and mission. It serves as a general guideline to our management and employees in conducting their duties and responsibilities ethically.