Corporate Social Responsibility

Bumitama's Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") programme is the cornerstone of our business and enables the successful assimilation and adoption of our new acquisitions and/or new concessions. In line with our core value of Heart to Serve, we maintain a strong and steadfast commitment to integrate with the community and other stakeholders.

As part of our committed to improving the social and economic welfare of the local communities in the area in which we operate, we have implemented a CSR programmes which include:

Supporting local business development via purchasing from local farmers, suppliers and contractors. In relation hereto, we also provide training, consultation and facilitation for small enterprises in the communities where we operate; maintaining good and synergistic relations with the local government and other stakeholders through periodic consultation; and providing financial support for construction of infrastructure and social development in areas such as education, health, culture, religion and local economic empowerment programme.